artFlare Studio 106

Great Blue Heron    14 x 18

Study of Edward Hopper's Rooms by the Sea

30 x40    NFS

Acrylic Paintings by Val Habegger

Acrylic Paintings by Mary Allison

Acrylic Paintings byLinda Bergman

Karen Galambos

Charcoal Drawings and Acrylic Painting

Hope you enjoy this holiday show! The artists in this show, many of whom began painting or drawing for the first time in my class starting in 2019, have just proven once again-- that there is an innate artist waiting to burst forth in all of us. Thank you to my wonderful students for your commitment to your creativity. --Nina

Kowala Watch

Forestville Fox Squirrel   8 x 10

2020 Students' Virtual Holiday Exhibition

Endangered Green

Pencil Drawings byAudrey Desky

Vicki McIntyre

    Acrylic Paintings and Pencil Drawing     

Calla My Heart

30 x 40   NFS

Mixed media; work in progress

Ray                                                 NFS

Poppy Me Softly

30 x 40    NFS

Russian River      16 x 20

Acrylic Paintings by Cathy Cabrera

Study of illustration by Giavanna Garzoni

Study of Van Gogh's Olive Grove

Acrylic Paintings byClaire Etienne