2005    "Matron Saint of the Wetlands", Merit Award
            "A Festival of the Saints", 48" x 30", oil on canvas, 2005, Numina Center, Santa Rosa, Ca. April
1995    Ribbon for Excellence, "Women's Creating, Santa Rosa, Ca., August
1996    Artist-in-Residence Grant, California Arts Council, Sacramento, Ca.

1979    "Civilization's Branding of the Western World" 48? x 72", oil on canvas, 1979, Best                                              Painting, Women's Art festival, Santa Rosa, Ca., August.
 1976    Red Tail Hawk, 42" x 36" Watercolor on raw canvas, 1076, Best Painting    
             Sausalito Art Festival, Sausalito, Ca., August.
1969    Carnegie Grant, Stanford University, Palo Alto, Ca.

1968    Carnegie Grant, Stanford University, Palo Alto, Ca.

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Eagles Cliff (Cypress Island, Bald Eagle and Fledgling
72" x 48", oil on canvas, 2015

I'll always look up to you! Two Ravens
16"  x 12: oil on canvas, 2015

Laguna Montage II   27" x 51"  Giclee on canvas, two canvases  joined to create three dimensional effect, 2014

Nest Alert!  Cooper's Hawk and Chicks 12" x 30"oil on canvas, 2013

Marge Mount

        Group Exhibitions Include:

                    2015    "Art From the Heart" (annually since 1980), Sonoma State Art Gallery, Rohnert Park, Ca., January 31.
                    2014    "Landscape at the Icehouse", Ice House Gallery, Petaluma, ca. May 23red- June 21st.
                    2014    "Art for Life", (Annually since 1980), Face to Face, Santa Rosa, Ca., Sept.
                    2013    Annual Holiday, Soaring Crane Works, (since 2011_Sebastopol, Ca., Dec.
                    2012    Healdsburg Art Festival, Healdsburg Art Center, Healdsburg, Ca. August 22nd.
                    2012    Garden Gala event, (since 2009), Laguna de Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Ca., September 9.
                    2011    "Where The Wild Things Are", Healdsburg Center for the Arts.,Feb. 2-28.
                    2011    "Nature's Palette", Marin Arts Gallery, San Rafael, Ca., March 11-April 16.
                    2008    Sebastopol Art Gallery, Sebastopol, Ca., Ongoing (Opened in April 2007).
                    2007    "Art at the Source", (annually since 1982), Sebastopol Art Center, Sebastopol, Ca., May-June.
                    2006    "Vernisage", Plaza Art Center, Healdsburg, Ca., June.
                    2006    "Small Works", Sonoma County Art Council, Santa Rosa, Ca., June.
                    2005    "A Festival of the Saints", Numina Center for Spirituality and the arts, Santa Rosa, Ca. April.
                    2004     "Open Studio and Garden Party", Forestville, Ca., April.
                    2004    "Friends", Santa Rosa, Ca., May.
                    2000    "Small Works", Mesh Gallery, Sebastopol, Ca., May.
                    1988    "Two Artists", (Bernice Bing and Marge Mount), Winoma Gallery, Mendocino, Ca., June.


        Solo Exhibitions Include:

                    2014    "Rhythm and Nature", Sprint Copy Center, Sebastopol, Ca. July-August.
                    2013    "The Big Blue", Laguna de Santa Rosa, Blue Heron Hall, Santa Rosa,  Ca.,October-January.
                    2013     "In The Wind", Sprint Copy Center, Sebastopol, Ca. July, August.
                    2012    "Bringing It All Back Home", Sprint Copy Center, Sebastopol, Ca. June-July.
                    2012     "Abstract Nature", The Blue Door Gallery, Guerneville, Ca., February.
                    2011    "Nature's Reward", Spring Copy Center, Sebastopol, ca. July-August.
                    2007    Cutler Gallery, Sebastopol, Ca., on-going.
                    2006    "Private Show", San Francisco, Ca., March.
                    2005    "Paintings 2004-2005, Glenn, Guattery, Gunn &McAvry.LLP, Santa Rosa, Ca., March-April.
                    2005     "Natural Beauty of West Sonoma County", Sprint Copy Center, Sebastopol, Ca., July-August.
                    1997     "Massai, Samburu and Nomads", Upstairs Art gallery, Sebastopol, Ca., July-August.
                    1992    "Massai", East-West Cafe, Sebastopol, Ca., June-July.
                    1980    "Africans", Oberline Gallery, Napa, Ca., April.
                    1977    "Red Tails", Fort Mason Center Gallery, San Francisco, Ca., May-June.

Artist's Statement:      

It is my goal in painting to create a beautiful three dimensional image with light and shadow as its premise. Then the thoughtful use of pigments or place that can be exquisitely rendered on canvas. In the  Spirit of Trompe L' Oeil tradition (French for "deceive the eye") I honor the spirit of things by painting nature with a luminous depth so creatures can virtually be picked up off the canvas and be held in the hand. To achieve this depth I repaint the surface over and over until it becomes  luminous and three dimensional.

Marge Mount

"Mount's paintings invoke breathtaking images, utilizing the natural beauty of nature, while eulogizing the dignity and character of its inhabitants, bringing across the awe-inspiring vista and classical response to landscape."   - Nathan Oliveria