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Artflare Studio 106 began in 2015 as a collective of women artists. Over the years, many shows, guest artists and students exhibitions were welcomed at the studio. While the studio closed after 8 years, the many artists, some who are mentioned here, continue to create and exhibit their work at local galleries and other venues.

Batja Cates studied multimedia and Art and Authentic  Movement in the 90's  as part of the Sonoma State University  Expressive Arts Therapy Program*.  She has done art all of her life, creating her own comic books as a child. Currently she focuses on collage and pastel, often combining them. Batja works intuitively, informed by a lifetime of art appreciation. Most of her artwork is experimental and she creates techniques as she goes along. One of her experiments was with wire-supported paper on a layered paper surface. She also uses images as "mosaics."

A guest Artist Show of 18 beginning to advanced Sonoma County painters.


Artist's Statement:

Art, like life, offers infinite possibilities of expression.  I make books, collages and photographs to convey a message of beauty and harmony.

Diana Fuerza

Art at the Edge, 2017

City Council Chambers

Santa Rosa City Hall, Santa Rosa , CA.

In Memory

Sharona Tracy

     Former Artists

Batja Cates

FUN PUN, 2017


2060 West College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Ode to Jim Miller, Digital Art

Message in theMedium

Guest Show

Barbara Goodman

Kaleidoscope  Collage/Pastel 18x 24, 2014

Valparaiso, Mixed Media,

12 X 9,  2015

Monica Bryant

Dale Jenkins 

Jean Marquardt 

Leah Ocean

Claire Etienne



                                         SANTA ROSA, CA

Malala, A Portrait of Courage

a collective painting by artflare

Paradise Village, collage.

The Golden Thread 

Collage on Wood  9" x 6"

Community Outreach


ArtFlare was a collective of women artists committed to participating in creative events that promote education for women and children. Many of us, former and/or current teachers. To that end, artFlare's creative project for 2015 was a mosaic painting* of Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani teenager and activist for girls' rights to education. In 2014, she survived a horrific attack by the Taliban militants, being pulled off a school bus and shot in the head. She continues to speak out loudly and clearly for the rights of all girls to be educated--reaching people around the world. In 2014, she became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Marge Mount

Moonwalk, mixed media 10" x 12"

         Life begins with a PAINT BRUSH

Paintings by Senior 65 to 95


Calm Within a Storm 

Collage on Canvas  12" x12"