Ode to Jim Miller, Digital Art

Inner Landscape, Mixed media, 12" x 10"

Tightrope, pastel and collage, 2015

Valparaiso, Mixed Media, 12 X 9,  2015

Poetic License, Mixed Media, 12 x 9, 2015 

BoneRaven, 1996  Life size doll 

Porcelain, Metal, Cloth

Kaleidoscope  Collage and Pastel 18x 24, 2014

Cantabile  Pastel 18x 24

Batja Cates studied multimedia and Art and Authentic  Movement in the 90's  as part of the Sonoma State University  Expressive Arts Therapy Program*.  She has done art all of her life, creating her own comic books as a child. Currently she focuses on collage and pastel, often combining them. Batja works intuitively, informed by a lifetime of art appreciation. Most of her artwork is experimental and she creates techniques as she goes along. One of her experiments was with wire-supported paper on a layered paper surface. She also uses images as "mosaics."

"In my collages, the images take on a life of their own. I often have no idea of the total effect until I see them at a distance.  I enjoy being surprised by what shows up".

Batja Cates

Tree Dance , Mixed Media, 12 x 9

Moonwalk, mixed media 10" x 12"

Soul Song, Mixed Media, 18" x24"

artFlare Studio 106